Muskogee Oklahoma
Native American

"He who would do great things should not attempt them alone." - Seneca

Our Mission

MONAA’s mission is to give a voice to Native Americans, bring awareness of current local Native American issues, and “Connect the Indigenous Disconnected” in the town of Muskogee Oklahoma and Surrounding Areas.


About US

Last Year on December 4th, 2018 the City of Muskogee passed Resolution No. 2743 that recognizes Indigenous People’s Day in the town of Muskogee, OK. This allows Native Americans to make a connection between this painful history and the ongoing marginalization, discrimination, and poverty that indigenous communities face to this day.

Our Objectives

  • Voting Participation
  • Decrease of Alcohol related crimes
  • Family Violence Prevention
  • Missing Native Americans
  • Report Sexual Assault
  • Cold Cases “Unsolved” to be opened and solved
  • Provide Jobs
  • Less Incarceration rates
  • Less homelessness
  • Less Suicide
  • Less racism against other natives and races
  • Less school dropouts
  •  Higher grades in schools
  • Environmental groups
  • Traditional vs Non-Traditional

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